August 1–12, 1977
Wrocław — Poland
Logic Colloquium '77
European Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic
Thirty years before LC 2007, LICS 2007, ICALP 2007, and PPDP 2007

Contributed papers

On probability logic
Mohamed A. Amer

Cyclic indiscernibles
Dionysis A. Anapolitanos

Dimension-restricted free cyclic algebras and finitary logic of infinitary relations
H. Andréka, T. Gergely and I. Németi

Toward a unified treatment of certain algebraic logics
H. Andréka, T. Gergely and I. Németi

Injective Hull = algebraic closure
Paul D. Bascsich

The infinite fine spectrum of universal Horn theories
John T. Baldwin

The theory of Abelian p-groups with the unifier I is decidable
Andreas Baudisch

Rigid Boolean algebras
Robert Bonnet

Remark on Yu. Gurevich's paper on “The decision problem for standard classes”
Egon Börger

Semantics of intuitionistic connectives
Kenneth A. Bowen

Effective coloration of countable graphs of finite genus
Hans Georg Carstens

Monoids of normal forms
Mario Coppo and Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini

Can syntax be ignored during translation?
Corrado Böhm and Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini

Invariant logics
Bernd I. Dahn

Theories on categories and applications
Marie-Renée Donnadieu

Representation of a stochastic process by a space of models and measure extensions to describe subsets of it
K.-Th. Eisle

A new proof of the Skolem-Löwenheim theorem
T. E. Forster and B. G. Smith

The not limit points of compact extremally disconnected spaces
Ryszard Frankiewicz

Some applications of topological models to intuitionistic formal theories
G. K. Gargov

Partitions of infinite products of trees
James D. Halpern

Model theoretic properties of graphs of bounded valency
H. Herre

An elementary theory for free products of groups
Verena Huber-Dyson

Symmetries on Heyting algebras with operators
Luisa Iturrioz

Measure of information of mathematical statements
Slobodan Janković

On cardinality of ultraproducts
Aleksandar Jovanovic

If there is a trivial ordered differential field, then the prime ideal theorem for Boolean algebras is false
Gerhard F. Kohlmayr

A finite extension of Zermelo set theory
Martin Kühnrich

Remark on continuum hypotheses
Duro Kurepa

The decision problem for sentences preserved under relations between structures
George F. McNulty

A note on elementary end extension
Žarko Mijajlović

Set theory in model theory
Richard Mijoule

On probability measures for deductive systems: II, III
David Miller

A coherence theorem for Cartesian closed categories
G. E. Minc

Partitions of sequence spaces
Gadi Moran and Dona Strauss

Arithmetic ultrapowers
G. C. Nelson

Some remarks about abstract Löweheim-Skolem properties
Juha Oikkonen

A question about model-completeness
Jean-Luc Paillet

On the problem of recognition of group properties in alphabets with a small number of letters
R. D. Pavlon

Number of countable models
Anand Pillay

Ages belordonnés
Maurice Pouzet

Syntax on graphs and extension by definition in elementary topos theory
Anne Preller

Splitting subsets of Pκ(λ)
Carlos A. Di Prisco

Development of first-order theories on graphs
Christine Rambaud

On a relationship between certain grammars and first-order predicate calculi
Zbigniew Raś

Model theory for an intuitionistic logic
Cecylia Rauszer

On the model theory of finite-dimensional algebras
Bruce I. Rose

Pseudo-randomness and constructive probability measures
Dean Rosenzweig

A conjecture in embedding theory
Rudolf v. B. Rucker

Algorithmic formulas that axiomatize a finite data structure
A. Salwicki

Sets in programming
A. Salwicki

Gaps and limits under MA
Hidemitsu Sayeki

A note on SO.9
Anjan Shukla

Construction of models of categorical theories and the problem of finite axiomatizability
B. J. Silber

Admissible sets using Lκκ
Stanley H. Stahl

Characterizing weak compactness
Lee Stanley

The undecidability of the existence of regular extremally disconnected S-spaces
A. Szymański

On some infinite positional games
Rastislav Telgársky

Quantification for Peirce's preferred system of triadic logic
Atwell R. Turquette

On logic with the Härtig-quantifier
Jouko Väänänen

The history of an error in the theory of representations of relation algebras
Paulo A. S. Veloso

The theory of Boolean algebras in languages with cardinality quantifiers
Martin Weese

Existentially complete strongly regular rings
Volker Weispfenning

Model-complete theories of pseudo-algebraically closed fields
William H. Wheeler

“Small” universal Post systems
Martin Wirsing

Self-iterating schemes of ordinal diagrams
Mariko Yasugi


L. Pacholski, ed., European Meeting of the Association of Symbolic Logic — Wrocław 1977, J. Symbolic Logic 44 (3), Sept. 1979, 441–468.