August 1–12, 1977
Wrocław — Poland
Logic Colloquium '77
European Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic
Thirty years before LC 2007, LICS 2007, ICALP 2007, and PPDP 2007

Invited lectures

The elementary theory of well-ordering — a mathematical study —
John E. Doner (University of California, Santa Barbara), Andrzej Mostowski and Alfred Tarski (University of California, Berkeley)

The type theoretic interpretation of constructive set theory
Peter Aczel (Manchester)

Ideals of uncountable cardinals
James E. Baumgartner (Dartmouth College), Alan Taylor (Union College) and Stanley Wagon (Smith College)

A model-theoretic view of some special ultrafilters
Andreas R. Blass (University of Michigan)

Cogeneric extensions
Lev Bukovský (Košice)

Super stable division rings
Gregory Cherlin (Rutgers)

Martin's axiom vs. the continuum hypothesis
Keith J. Devlin (Lancaster)

On the tightness of product spaces
J. Gerlits and A. Hajnal (Budapest)

A game theoretic property of Boolean algebras
Thomas J. Jech (Pennsylvania State University)

On Vopěnka's and related principles
A. Kanamori (UC Berkeley)

On transfinite sequences of projective sets with an application to Σ12 equivalence relations
Alexander S. Kechris (Caltech)

Uniform theorems in infinitary logic
David W. Kueker (University of Maryland)

Diagonal Methods and strong cuts in models of arithmetic
Kenneth McAloon (Paris)

Quantifying over countable sets: positive vs. stationary logic
J. A. Makowsky (West Berlin)

A footnote to a theorem of Solovay on recursive encodability
Richard Mansfield (Pennsylvania State University)

Σn-collection schemas in arithmetic
Jeff B. Paris and L. A. S. Kirby (Manchester)

Inner models, ordinal definability and the axiom of power set
Stanisław Roguski and Andrzej Zarach (Wrocław)

0-categoricity and comparability graphs
James H. Schmerl (University of Connecticut)

Decidability and generalized quantifiers
D. Seese (Berlin)

A framework for topology
H. Simmons (Aberdeen)

Beth's theorem and self-referential sentences
C. G. Smoryński (Westmont)

Compactness properties of infinitary and abstract languages: I. General results
Jonathan Stavi (Bar Ilan University)

Perfect set theorems for analytic and coanalytic equivalence relations
Jacques Stern (Paris)

Some results and problems on weak systems of arithmetic
A. J. Wilkie (Open University)

Definable bases of monotone systems
Martin Ziegler (West Berlin)


A. Macintyre, L. Pacholski, J. Paris, eds., Logic Colloquium 77, Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics 96, North-Holland 1978.

In addition invited lectures were given by:

  • R. M. Anderson (Yale)
  • J. E. Doner (Stanford)
  • U. Felgner (Tübingen)
  • J. E. Fenstad (Oslo)
  • H. Gaifman (Paris)
  • F. Galvin (University of Texas)
  • W. Guzicki (Warsaw)
  • P. Hájek (Prague)
  • L. A. Harrington (UC Berkeley)
  • C. W. Henson (University of Illinois)
  • P. Loeb (University of Illinois)
  • M. Magidor (Ben Gurion University)
  • M. D. Morley (Cornell University)
  • M. Rubin (University of Colorado)
  • G. Sageev (Ohio State University)
  • J. A. Sgro (Yale)
  • S. Shelah (Hebrew University)
  • R. Solovay (UC Berkeley)
  • G. Takeuti (University of Illinois)
  • R. L. Vaught (UC Berkeley)
  • P. Vopěnka (Prague)
  • G. Wilmers (Manchester)